Free Self Defense Class Sponsored by Fodada

6th Annual Fodada International Women’s Self Defense Day

Men’s apparel brand to hold events worldwide to empower women and partner with this COBRA center to provide a free self defense class for women.

See the press release below. To get tickets please visit

Teen's self defense free self defense

NEWPORT BEACH, CA– fodada, an apparel brand that celebrates what a great dad means to children, families, and communities, is pleased to announce that their 6th Annual fodada International Women’s Self Defense Day will be held on November 18, 2017 at locations across the U.S and the globe. The event is dedicated to providing free self defense classes for women, designed to raise awareness and empower women in threatening situations.
“We are so very proud of our work with this program over the last five years and excited to continue this
important tradition,” said Bobby Barzi, founder and chief dada of fodada. He went on to state, “One the
most important things to any dad is the safety and well being of the amazing women in his life, be it his
wife, daughter, mother, or sister. This program not only looks to address this priority but it also empowers
Dads and men to show their support in empowering others as an example for their children.”
From schools to community centers, business board rooms and open fields, fodada partners with
individuals, groups, schools, companies, and organizations like yours that recognize the importance of
women’s empowerment, and are interested in becoming catalysts for this powerful message and
movement. There is no cost for the program and our facilitation. Listed below are our past participating
cities that have held programs:
CA: Hollywood, Malibu, Corona del Mar, Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Santa
Barbara, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento (Folsom), Van Nuys, San Carlos, San Anselmo,
Other U.S Cities: Phoenix & Glendale, AZ, Dallas, TX, Shorewood, WI, Ft Lauderdale, FL, Jacksonville,
FL, Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, Albuquerque, NM, Columbus OH, Reynoldsburg, OH, Boston, MA,
Charlotte, NC, Iowa City, IA, Aurora, CO
Israel, France, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Singapore, UAE, India, Puerto
Rico, Spain, Canada, Wales
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