10 Easy Home Security Tips For Self Defense St Pete

10 Easy Home Security Tips For Self Defense St Pete

Self defense st pete

  1. Leave some lights on when you’re not home – This one may cost you some extra on your energy bill but is an excellent deterrent to criminal activity. Most criminals want a dark space to operate in so that they can intimidate more easily and sneak off in the shadows. Lights on inside normally indicates that a person or multiple people may be present and awake. A criminal will be less likely to try to burglarize that space as opposed to a totally dark, presumably vacant, home next door.
  2. Place signs in your yard and on doors that announce security systems and “beware of dog” Even if you don’t have either one of these the signs still make the criminal pause and decide if they want to chance it.
  3. Cameras, real or fake, they will never know – Same thought applies here as #2. Bluffing can really get you of a jam. Creating safeguards like these will more than likely cause the bad guy to pick another home to target.
  4. Alarms: peace of mind for a small price – Alarm systems are great but we always advise our COBRA students that alarm systems don’t save you. There can be huge delays from when an alarm system is set off and when help actually arrives. Use the alarm as a precaution but don’t stop there.
  5. Consider weapons – Every room should contain some type of object that can be used as a weapon. Ex. baseball bats by doors, knives in drawers, guns, hammers, and screw drivers, etc. Even spray cleaners such as Windex, 409 and Clorox are better than any pepper spray. Remember, many items we don’t see as weapons are actually really good ones. Keep obvious  weapons well-hidden from children  but make sure you are very familiar with where they are and how to use them.
  6. Get a Dog – These animals are better than most alarms at sensing an intruder before an attempt is even made on entering the home. Stopping threats before they happen is gold for our COBRA curriculum.
  7. Have a Plan of Action – So you have the safeguards of alarms, cameras, and dogs but what is your plan if someone were to break in or already be inside your home upon your arrival? Where does everyone meet in case of an emergency? Create a plan and communicate it to your family.
  8. Never Open the Door Blindly — If someone is knocking at your door always assume a worst-case scenario until proven otherwise. Keep in mind that as soon as you crack your door open it can be forced wide open very easily.
  9. Check Your Entrances & Exits — You are most vulnerable when you enter and exit the house. Ask yourself, Where would you hide to ambush you? It’s the same place a bad guy would use.
  10. Be Aware of Unexpected Activity — If you return home and your door is open, unlocked, or has signs of tool marks that were not there before, don’t go in. You may walk into a burglary in progress. Call the police and wait for them.

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Matt DiPietro COBRA Certified Instructor, Self Defense St Pete

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