Real Estate Agent Safety & Self Defense Month

September is Real Estate Safety Month

Countless COBRA self defense classes are getting scheduled and going on for realtor specific groups all over the country. Real estate agents face specific dangers due to their line of work and we have seen many stories of violent, theft and perversion crimes being committed against these professionals. In light of those terrible stories many real estate agent safety precautions have been put in place to help but they still sometimes fall short of the goal.

Realtor Self Defense Real Estate agent safety self defense safety

As professionals with insight into criminal psychology we can show you where some of your current safety procedures may need tweaking and give you physical offensive tools to use when the situation calls for it.

Realtor mag lists several ways agents may be compromised and give some really good tips. If you would like a professional to come out to your agency for a class let us know! We have instructors that are putting real estate agents as the top priority in the month of September.

Real Estate Agent Safety

Read our current blog on some steps you can take as an real estate agent to be safer. Blog post 

COBRA is an international program built on law enforcement principles that work in combat. Realtors have been under attack for a few years now. The line of work they are in puts them in position for specific risks. There are very real steps you can take to protect yourself before and after an attack happens. Prepare!

The training is highly regarded as the premier self defense program across the nation. With locations spanning the globe now it’s a no brainer to at least talk to certified instructor about what might be the best place to start.

Kid’s self defense classes, teen safety, adult self defense, real estate agent safety specific, active shooter plans and more are available.

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