Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Your outfit shouldn’t be your only concern this Halloween season.

Here are some Halloween safety tips to consider:

These Halloween safety tips could contain something small that you did not consider when it comes to having a fun and safe Halloween night with the family.

Halloween safety tips self defense

  1. Choose your neighborhoods wisely for trick or treating. Streets in Pinellas County can go from bright and sunny to very gloomy block to block. Do some 
    drive throughs a couple nights before and document walkers, traffic and the condition of the surrounding area.
  2.  The atmosphere of a street or neighborhood can change instantly depending on the people that are in the area. Have a plan to quickly move your family to another block or relocate to another part of the neighborhood quickly if a group comes in that seems like they will be causing trouble.
  3. Don’t let a cell phone or other device impair your ability to be aware of the aforementioned shifts in atmosphere. You will want to document the evening and by all means snap away but wait until after the trip to post all those cute pics.
  4. Speaking of social media…..Be aware that on this mischief night some people that normally might not think of taking certain actions might be more inclined or persuaded by friend to do something illegal. There is an increase in breaking & entering, home invasions and robberies. Be wise and avoid posting that you will “out trick or treating with the kids”. While your friends list may not include delinquents you never know who else has access or may be influencing someone on your friends list. If you are going out, leave some lights on, a beware of dog sign or other deterrent like an alarm.
  5. Carry a “tool” as part of your outfit that could be used in defense. This is a night where many people will be dressed and carrying what could be weapons (whether fake or real). Plan to use a cane or other object in your outfit which gives you the ability to defend from outside striking range.

    Now it’s almost time to enjoy a night of fun for the whole family! Happy Halloween!

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